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The statements given on this Website solely purpose to general information of the public. The publisher conscientiously compiled these contents, but excludes any liability for deviations from original material, transcription errors in documents and mistakes. The contents released by the publisher do not lay claim to timeliness, objective properness or completeness; the publisher provides no according warranty. Furthermore the mention of products and/or procedures does not mean a recommendation or statement regarding to their quality and therefore they do not constitute an according liability. In any case the publisher disclaims liability for damages of material or ideational manner, caused by use or disuse of the given information, respectively by use of incorrect and incomplete information, unless the publisher demonstrably caused an intended or grossly negligent default. All offers are without engagement or obligation. The publisher explicitly reserves the right to change, delete or stop publishing temporarily or definitely, parts of this Website, several offers therein or the complete Website, without prior notice.

Legal Effect of Limitation of Liability

This disclaimer is fundamental element of this Website. In case parts or several formulations of this disclaimer should not comply with applicable laws, no longer or not completely, the remaining parts of this web site are unaffected in their substance and validity.

Copyright and Trademarks

The publisher is anxious to respect the copyright of all images, texts, audio and video documents, used in his publications, to use images, texts, audio and video documents created by himself or to use license free images, texts, audio and video documents. All of the trademarks and brands mentioned on this Website may be protected, either by the publisher or a third party, and underlie unrestricted the clauses of the particular applicable trademark law and the right to own it by the particular registered owner. The single mention does not mean, that a trademark is not protected by rights of third parties. The publisher claims exclusive copyright for objects, created by the publisher himself. A reproduction or use of such images, texts, audio and video documents in other electronic or printed publications is not allowed, unless upon explicit approval by the publisher.

The products contained in FreeGee may be protected by copyright laws and underlie specific, partially different, license agreements, that are part of the FreeGee distribution or part of the distribution of the particular products.

Copyright © 2003 The FreeGee Development Group. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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